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Let’s Talk About Waterless Pedicures

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

What is a waterless pedicure?

A waterless pedicure is a pedicure that eliminates the process of soaking your feet in potential dirty water. Don’t worry, this does not change the effectiveness of the pedicure. In fact due to the many benefits it is the best option for softer skin, longer lasting polish, increased product performance, and it’s Eco-Friendly!

Still need more convincing? We got you!

Other reasons to go waterless include:

· The process is geriatric and diabetic friendly

· Calluses and dry skin are more visible making them easier to be addressed and resolved

· Less likely to receive minor cuts

· Reduces the risk of cross contamination

· Allows nail polish to last longer. FACT: When your toes have been submerged in water too long, the nails become over saturated and changes the texture and shape which may weaken the applied polish.

· Eco-Friendly!

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